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This is dump for pics of development of Yzer, a co-op tank vehicle-shooter indie game. Made in C++ using SDL and OpenGL. Development is still ongoing.

Pics are takes from my Twitter feed: @Tili_us.

Currenly I am the only developer working on Yzer: I am doing all the programming, art, game design, texturing and sound of Yzer.

If you are looking for the Doom 3 Glare article, click here.

Texture material test. Should look like rusty metal http://t.co/jRxg0ofph5
Trying out some UI stuff http://t.co/EZkBcqSerE

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I totally forgot to show this to you guys: Work in progress as usual: http://t.co/KTw2u9ZmLY
Blocking out a new level http://t.co/64cl7spec3
Working on some background meshes : http://t.co/xFxHseRJeu 500 tris and a 512 diffuse does wonders if you can bake everything in it.

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